To Who?

In the Hague we are with more than 150 professional musicians in the sector jazz/impro/worldmusic.

We have a big common interest: a place in our city for our music.

Because together we can manage more, we invite you to join a new union: BID which stands for: community of interest for jazz/world- and improvisation  music the Hague.

What do we want?

1.Create a new fresh élan in the cultural offer of the Hague, for the audience as well as for the Hague creators.

2.Form a central contact point to politics in the name of all jazz musicians in the Hague.

3.Form a support for all initiatives, which are good for the jazz in the Hague

How do we want to get that?

We want to stand up our ideas to the politics to involve more Hague creators into subsidized activities. But not only to the politics, we will also reach the (small) stages in the Hague not to forget the Hague musicians.

On our site we will publish an overview of the musicians in the Hague who will support our goal, the choice is wide!

Do you have a good idea?

We are interested! Drop a reaction on the contactpage.

Let’s collaborate for a powerful jazzscene!


More members means a better position to represent our interest.

Like it works at an association there will at least every year be  one members meeting where we can take dicisions.

For a symbolic amount of € 0,50 per month can you join.

Enter your details via the registration page.