Underneath you will find the registration form. We are asking a lot of details, because we like to know in what fields your artistic skills lie for the representation of interests. If applicable we can use these data for linking our members (the Hague artists) with requests for performances we receive.

After filling in the fields (obligated fields with an *) you can click on: Register (Aanmelden). After that you will see a page where you can pay the contribution (€ 6,00 for 2021) either by banktransfer or by using IDEAL.

Explanation about some questions:

Your Relation with the Hague.
We ask this because the goal of our union is promotion of the Hague creators.
Which instrument are you playing.
Of course you can fill in more instruments (or voice)
In which bands do you play:
You can fill in where you structural play or, if this is easier , give a link to a site.
Permission union mails
If you allow us to keep you informed about what’s going on in the union fill in YES
With Publicity on the memberlist Yes/No
You allow us to put your name and website on our page ‘The Hague Musicians’
At Spotify, Youtube and Other Social media you can fill in links to your pages.

So if you want to become a member, fill up the fields and press Register:

Thanks a lot for your registration!